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Architectural inventory

We have created and still developing our own software and equipment solution. This enables us to offer a wide range of services dedicated to architects, art restorers, archeologists, museums and the quality of our products meets the highest expectations. One of our main goal is to allow the final client to use our products in a most optimal and wide range.

We deliver documentation as:

  • calibrated point clouds (set of millions of 3D points representing shape and surface of the object),
  • orthoplans (created based on terrestrial scanning or close range photogrammetry),
  • CAD drawings including architecture details (plans, views & sections),
  • realistic 3D models.


  • non-invasive survey,
  • high precision,
  • fully metric results (no shortcuts, no distortions),
  • fidelity details.

We offer:

  • architectural & restoration inventory and documentation,
  • inventory of archeological and anthropological works,
  • inventory of urban systems,
  • inventory of gardens and parks,
  • laser scanning of 3D objects,
  • virtualization of museum collections,
  • creating of precise 3D models,
  • visualizations,
  • geo-radar studies,
  • thermal studies.